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[VIDEO] Resignation & Removal of a Director From the Company

We are back with a new video from our series about company issues with Sukhdev Kaur 🙌

We will be discussing the key process and must-knows regarding the resignation and removal of a director from the company. Highlights on some of the topics covered:

  • Difference between a designated director and a statutory director
  • Resignation process
  • Difference between resignation and removal of a director
  • Definition of garden leave
  • Damages and remuneration removal of directorship

If you need to initiate any of these processes, knowing the right steps and requirements will not only ensure that the request is valid but also save you a lot of headache 😊 For those who are thinking of incorporating a company, having knowledge of the potential issues that may arise from these processes can help you to craft your company’s constitution better 👍

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