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Strike Off Company

Strike Off Company Services in Malaysia

Striking off a company in Malaysia is always a viable option if you have been operating one in Malaysia and no longer wish to continue to do so. The Companies Act 1965, section 308 provides that companies can be voluntarily wound up by making an application to the CCM.

The Registrar is empowered to dissolve a company under the ACT; however, some procedures must be followed when this is done. It can be challenging and time-consuming to close companies, not to mention that the costs are considerable. We can also assist you with the process which can be tedious, therefore saving you from the stress associated with the closing.

Benefits of Striking Off a Company

Even though the company will be closing, you should take note of the following benefits this process offers: · 

Requirements of Striking Off a Company

When a company is struck off, some requirements must be met. Before beginning the application process, the following must be in place:

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