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Immigration Services in Malaysia

Immigration is one of the main concerns every employer has to deal with, whether your company is sending staffs to Malaysia or expanding outside of Malaysia to destinations around the world. In Malaysia, there are four types of immigrants: family class (those who are closely linked to Malaysian citizens and live there), economic immigrants (skilled workers and business people), other (those who are admitted for humanitarian or compassionate reasons), and refugees. In order to satisfy your immigration needs and manage your immigration strategy, our skilled Malaysia immigration specialists will work with you in partnership. We constantly strive to deliver the best immigration services to our customers.

Migration to Overseas

There are many good reasons why people move. Whatever the reason for your migration, JS Advisory Sdn Bhd will guide you through the process.   Moving overseas is a difficult process. Even though there is a lot of info available regarding relocating overseas, you’ll experience less stress and trouble if you do some research. As a result, our experts will assist you in understanding what to do and how to be ready for your migration strategy.

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