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How Can a Virtual CFO Help Your Business?

When most companies think of hiring CFOs, they automatically think of a long-term hire, six figure annual salary and benefits💰Fortunately, a virtual option now exists to bring you the operational and financial expertise of a full-time CFO without the costs of hiring one. This is perfect for startups and SMEs to stay on top of their finances and scale to sustainable success 💯

🤔 In case you are wondering, virtual CFO is a financial expert that handles all the responsibilities of a conventional CFO while working part-time and on a remote basis 💻

  • More Cost Effective – A virtual CFO is less expensive than an in-house CFO with similar experience. A virtual CFO doesn’t require benefits or bonuses and pricing will be based only on the amount of time/deliverables your company needs.

  • Multiple Industry Experience – Most virtual CFOs have worked with a variety of companies, gaining experience and insights into the challenges and opportunities of different industries.

  • Liaison with External Stakeholders – Serve as a liaison with external stakeholders, lenders, and professional bodies. Virtual CFOs provide additional reassurance to reporting and analysis, and the due diligence and professional oversight to give confidence to the external parties.

  • Better Flexibility – Set the terms for time and cost that work best for your business. You can scale up or down as your requirements change. You pay for the time and deliverables unique to your business, without sacrificing the kind of experience and expertise you require.

  • Presents a New Perspective – More time to focus on strategic and high-level financial services.

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