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Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial Services

“A supportive company secretarial services are the key to every successful business”

Entities and structures that are efficient, stable, and compliant are fundamental to all business success. Each jurisdiction adopts its own unique approach to company registration, incorporation, and legal compliance, making multi-jurisdiction due diligence extremely challenging and inefficient.

We at JS Advisory offer a range of company secretarial services that will help businesses from their earliest days in Malaysia through to the requirements of corporate secretarial work and registered office facilities. Our team understands how important it is to maintain a smooth workflow within your organization. Our secretarial services ensure that your company’s time and performance are fully optimized by handling administrative processes, corporate compliance, and more, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

We offer a comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services that are designed to help with all compliance and regulatory matters.

How can corporate secretarial services benefit your company?

We can keep all your entities in good standing year-round – a challenge even for the largest international companies, particularly in the most remote areas of your operations – we can do it all, anywhere, any time: 

No matter how large or small the corporate secretarial challenge in any given jurisdiction, we meet it flexibly and efficiently, scaling up or down as necessary, from a part-time paralegal to the services of an entire team.

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