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Contract & Business Negotiation Services

Contract Management & Business Negotiation services In Malaysia

JS Advisor’y team of contracting and negotiation experts will work to assure your contract negotiations satisfy both you and your client.

The best services aren’t always the most expensive, and the most expensive services don’t always equal the best services. Our strategic sourcing and contract negotiation experts can assist you in navigating the difficulties of contracting and negotiations so that you can evaluate the proposed terms and conditions and provide comparisons to others on the market to produce an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. We’ve learned how to walk the delicate line between good contracts and great contracts via decades of expertise. JS Advisory can assist you in drafting and negotiating contracts, whether as a part of a full strategic sourcing strategy or as a one-time engagement.

We offer the following contracting and negotiation services:

When you sign on the dotted line, our participation doesn’t end. JS Advisory will offer continuing contract monitoring and contract management services as part of our overall contract negotiating process to make sure you and your suppliers stay compliant.

Services for Fact-Based Negotiation

Data is used to guide methodical smart contract negotiations. Companies require an efficient market research team to negotiate the supply chain landscape and deliver the facts when it comes to reducing cost, boosting sales, and building category management strategies. JS Advisory possesses the market knowledge required for successful supply chain agreements. Our clients receive real-time insight into the competition, supply trends, contract terms, price points, and the supplier community thanks to our years of experience implementing strategic sourcing best practices for leading companies, as well as our contract database and a team of market research experts.

Contract Management Services and Solutions

Poor contract management might cause erratic purchasing and cause your business to skip renewals or accept them at prices that are not fair. The contract management experts at JS Advisory are ready to assist you in narrowing your attention during negotiations and, if required, finding different providers. We’ll assist you in setting your own Contract Management systems and organising important data, and ensuring the best contract for your business and its suppliers.

Contact JS Advisory negotiation experts today and learn what we can bring to the table.

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