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Bookkeeping Services

JS Advisory provides a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services for newly established and existing organizations in Malaysia. Accountants from our firm can compile your account information on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis for GST filing and filing corporate tax returns with the IRB.

Our team specializes in maintaining a timely accounting system that allows you to manage your accounts effectively and efficiently.

Companies registered in Malaysia must maintain accurate and complete financial records, as mandated by the Companies Act. A professional bookkeeping service can be invaluable in this regard, assisting with both daily accounting tasks and preparation of annual returns. Their expertise goes beyond mere record-keeping, offering valuable insights for informed business decisions and efficient financial management.

JS Advisory offers full-service accounting solutions for companies seeking to outsource their bookkeeping.

“Having accurate bookkeeping is already half the battle won”

We provide high-quality and accurate bookkeeping services by our accountants, who cover the following areas: 

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