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Annual LLP Services

Annual LLP Services Malaysia

Our Annual LLP Service Package offers the following:

* The use of JS Advisory office as your LLP’s Registered Address complies with the Limited Liability Partnerships Act’s mandate that all registers and official records be maintained and made available to the public. As a result, it is customary for the registration address to be an office address. Please be aware that our yearly LLP services package already includes the supply of a registered address. Please remember that using our registered address services for licence application purposes is not permitted. For licencing applications, a physical location is  a must, and the appropriate authority will ask the applicant LLP for supporting documentation to confirm that the applicant LLP is working at the specified physical location.

Providing the registered office address includes:

* Before sending any oversized packages (particularly those weighing more than 3 kg) to the registered office address, approval must be sought. There is a daily handling charge and a storage cost.

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